Exploring and Understanding Data (Math 107)

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Students will be able to:

  • read and interpret graphical and tabular displays of data, and make estimations

  • create tables, charts, graphs, and histograms to represent data graphically, using various tools such as spreadsheets and graphing calculators

  • evaluate and interpret descriptive statistics that describe a data set, including measures of central tendency (e.g. mean, median) and dispersion (e.g. range, standard deviation)

  • calculate empirical probabilities of events

  • compute and interpret z-scores for normally-distributed data, and use them to find probabilities

  • describe the relationship between two variables graphically (scatterplot) and establish an association between them

  • create and interpret linear models of data

  • work with linear regression models using calculators and/or spreadsheets

  • use the techniques and tools learned in this course to represent quantitative data encountered in other courses or found in public databases


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Math 107


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